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Frequently Asked Questions

What are you doing to protect students, staff, and families from COVID-19?

While masks are now optional given the current status in our community, we are continuing to sanitize after each class, schedule frequent hand washing times, have hand sanitizer readily available, and have the school cleaned by an EVS professional on a weekly basis.

Can my child bring a toy from home to play with at school?

We ask that your child would not bring home toys to school.  

If your child is struggling emotionally, you may discuss bringing a comfort object like a small pillow or photograph of his parents with his teacher. 


Our students come to school at many varying levels of proficiency in English.  We customize lesson plans to suit each child's abilities and help them grow from their current ability level. All children will be able to learn in the classroom, even if they speak no English words at all when they start school.

My child doesn't speak English.  How will she learn at preschool?

My child will be traveling overseas and not attending the school for a portion of the school year.  Why am I still asked to pay?

Many of our classes become full and have a waiting list. You may hold your child's spot in class while you travel by paying a $50 fee for each month they are gone. 

If you do not return on time and/or

do not pay the fee, we cannot guarantee a spot will be available in the class when you return.  We will place your name on a waiting list and you must register your child again to return to school.

The only items your child needs to bring to school are an empty school bag and a complete change of clothing to be stored at the school in case of an accident.


Do I need to purchase books, pencils, or other items for my child to use at preschool?

Your child may only be picked up by a person on the pick up list.  If you need to add someone to the list, you must notify the preschool office before pick up time.  Please give the full spelling of the person's legal name, and let them know to bring a government issued ID (driver's license or passport) when they come for pickup.


I can't pick my child up today.  Can I send someone else?

Students are not permitted to bring snacks from home to preschool unless they have a medical condition that requires a special diet.  If your child has a medical condition, please alert the director ASAP.

All snacks we serve are Halal, and we do not serve any type of meat.  

My child does not like the snacks served at preschool.  Can I send some in?

Can my child have a birthday party at school?

We love to celebrate birthdays at preschool!  Please let your child's teacher know which day you would like to celebrate at least one week in advance.  

You may bring in a cake or cupcakes to celebrate. Some parents also choose to send a goodie bag containing candy or small toys for each child.  

You do not have to stay for the party, but you are welcome to attend if you wish.


Our school does close in bad weather.  We follow the Upper Darby School District:

1 hour delay: Preschool open regular time

2 hour delay: Preschool schedule adjusted Morning class 10:30-12:30

Afternoon Class 1:30-3:30

Closed: Preschool is closed

You can check major news stations and websites for information.  Also, you will receive a phone call and text message letting you know if preschool is cancelled.

Is the school closed  when it snows?  How will I know?

Attending school for the first time can be scary for young children.  To help your child's transition, try these tips:
1. The week before school begins, tell your child about what will happen at preschool
2.  Read your child books about beginning school
3.  Allow your child to assist in picking out a school bag.
4.  The night before school begins, have your child pack his/her school bag and lay out clothing for school the next day. 
5.  When you get to school, go into the classroom with your child, say
hello to the teachers, and encourage him or her to play.  After 10-15 minutes, tell your child that you are leaving, but you will come back at pick-up time.  If your child is upset, hand him/her to a teacher, then walk out of the classroom. Saying goodbye one time then leaving is the best way to help the child adjust.  Most children calm down within a few moments.  If the teacher is unable to calm your child and you need to return, the director will call you.



What if my child is afraid to come to school?

Have a question not answered here? CONTACT US.

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