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Ann Golla, Assistant Director

& Head Teacher

Miss Ann Has been teaching at Crossroads Community Preschool since 2005 and holds a B. A. in Early Childhood Education from Philadelphia Biblical University. She enjoys spending time with her husband and four children, along with reading and singing.


Rosie Ladeau, Headmaster

Miss Rosie holds an A. A. in the Arts and loves working with children. Her career includes over 25 years of office and administrative experience. She loves spending quality time with her husband, family, and friends. Her interests include music, driving, photography,

technology, history, and sports.


Meri Margaryan, Lead Teacher

Miss Meri holds a Masters' Degree in History and International Relationships from Yerevan State University.  She loves to teach and spend time with her three children and husband.  She also loves swimming and playing the piano.

Mr. Chris.jpg

Chris Wilson, Assistant Teacher

Mr. Chris is a homeschooled, high school graduate who has worked in the field of children's education, including music (guitar) and physical activity (tennis). He loves hanging out with kids and helping every small step of the way! He loves video games, photography, computers, sports, carpentry (building things) and problem solving.

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